People Like Us

Who are we? We’re TCKs

What’s a TCK (or third culture kid)?

Someone raised in a culture other than that of their parents or their country of nationality for a significant part of their formative years.

Home is everywhere and nowhere.

You’re tired of having to explain.

You deserve to belong.

Are you a TCK? Would you like to talk?


I’m Jen, and I’m a TCK.

I was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Manchester (UK), Kenya and Australia. I’m half Scottish and half Indian. I guess I’m global.

Being a TCK comes with enormous advantages and some challenges too. Those challenges can include feelings of not belonging, of rootlessness and restlessness.

I share these challenges and have spent years creating a place I call home. I live in central London (UK) and have done for 16 years.

I work with adult TCKs to leverage their TCK journey to find their place in the world.

Finding it matters, and it starts with a conversation.



The Hardest Move

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are people who spent their formative years moving around the globe with their families. As a result of this, TCKs were raised in a culture that is different from that of either their parents and/or their country of nationality. I have a podcast show, People Like Us, in which I interview …

Work With Jen

You’ll be interested in working with me if you want to leverage your TCK experience to advance yourself in the workplace.

You’ll also want to work with me if you’ve become sick of moving and want to understand how to decide where to put down roots and call ‘home’.

There are a few ways in which we can work together.

To Begin:
3 sessions £450

I offer an initial 3 sessions as an introduction for TCKs to working with a coach. I usually find that 3 sessions is enough to make good progress on establishing what outcomes you really want and on beginning to formulate a plan of how to reach them.

Continuation Programme
6 sessions £800 or 12 sessions for £1500

If after the introductory sessions, we both feel that we’d like to keep working together, I offer a choice of a 6 session programme or a 12 session programme. In between sessions I’m available by email and WhatsApp. My clients are fully supported to reach their goals.

The outcomes my clients gain from 1:1 coaching are outstanding. Some clients have chosen places to call home and found their sense of belonging. Others have leveraged their TCK knowledge and experience to their advantage and developed careers that they love.

Start the conversation.


Group Coaching – £350 for 6 sessions
Small Group, Massive Results

Jen’s group coaching programme is for younger adult TCKs. In 6 weeks, the group will explore the following topics, supported  and coached by Jen, who has experienced all of these things herself and now supports others to take control of their lives.

1 – What does it mean to be a TCK?
A session dedicated to discovery. What does the group have in common and what experiences are unique to the individual(s)?
Topics covered include: Career/relationships/friendships/health
2 – TCK Careers
What careers are TCKs drawn to? Why? Are these careers the best fit?
TCK skills – what unique skills do we bring to the table?
Do these skills make any difference to our career choices? Should they?
3 – TCKs Life
Rootlessness. Restlessness. Two words that TCKs the world over can identify with.
What practical steps are there to ameliorate these feelings?
What do you want/need in order to feel happy?
4 – Stability 
What does stability mean for a TCK?
What needs to happen/be in place for you to feel stable in an uncertain world?
How do you choose when/where to put down roots?
Again, this session will include practical steps to take to give you direction.
5 – Putting down roots
It’s not uncommon for TCKs to fear putting down roots. Together we’ll explore why this is the case and whether it is actually something to fear.
However, not every TCK wants to put down roots. What options exist for those who don’t?
6 – Crafting a plan for a stable future.
Finally, when we each understand what we need to feel content in our lives, we’ll craft a plan to achieve it and a road map to implement the plan.

Start the conversation.